At the first Motivate Summit in Salt Lake City in 2014, the 41 attendees unanimously decided that the only way to solve the problem of "the other 167 hours," was together. So since 2015, the creation, planning, and innovation of the Motivate Summits has been tackled the Motivate Collective. Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Technologists, and Entrepreneurs just like you who have a passion to show up.

Who Can Organize a Motivate?

Anyone! Local organizers are what make each Motivate Summit unique. Organizing a Motivate is a volunteer labor of love for your local community, and will earn you untold karma points. No specific skills or backgrounds are required to become an organizer, though events tend to be most successful when responsibility is shared among several co-organizers. 

What do I need?

A Venue

The most important thing is a venue that's free or as cheap as possible. If you have a gym, yoga studio, or know someone in your local community who does, we can probably work with that.

  • The venue needs to be large enough to handle 20-40 chairs in a circle at the beginning of each day, and have 3-4 break-out spaces for smaller conversations (or a space large enough that there can be 3-4 conversations going on at once).
  • There is no A/V necessary.
  • There is no Microphone necessary (Coach Stevo is unbelievably loud).
  • We usually only provide coffee. You can do more if you have the budget, but coffee is vital.

A Date (or two)

Motivates are usually 1-2 days, 9am-5pm and Habitry, Co. usually hosts a half day workshop on the Friday before. In general, we like to plan 5 to 6 months out to make sure everyone gets it on their schedule. That also leaves time to work out details.

  • Pick a month and look at the weekends. Are there any other "big events" in your town that weekend?
  • Ask the people you think would be most excited to come if they have any plans for that weekend.
  • Circle it in pencil and let us know!

A Local Community (almost) as excited as you

The most important ingredient to a successful Motivate Summit is the attendees. We need a minimum of 12 to pull the trigger and because we don't usually come to the same place twice, most of the attendees are new referrals from the organizers.

  • Make a list of every trainer, gym, physical therapist, etc. who you think would be interested.
  • Start telling them early! Schedules get full!

The Rules

We want to make sure that the Motivate Community Summits are as awesome as people have come to expect, so we’re insisting on some rules if you’d like to host your own.

  1. The Motivate Collective's mission is to “help the most people help the most people.” We firmly believe in the value of a community coming together to solve the community’s common problems. So we’ve never made a profit on Motivate that we didn’t just roll into the next Motivate or use to sponsor attendees who genuinely could not afford to come otherwise. We would like to keep that community spirit alive so we insist that any profits Motivate Community Summits make must go back into the community in the form of lower ticket prices (so more people can afford it), or scholarships for specific attendees that you feel would benefit the most from being at the most unique Summits in the industry.
  2. We are happy to work with you on planning the events, but you’ll be the lead. Habitry, Co. can provide a lot of guidance and experience, but when the venue you’ve chosen asks for the cell phone number of the point person, it’s gonna be your number. If you have more than 12 pre-registered attendees, Coach Stevo will fly out and put on a hell of a show, but when attendees ask where the best place for lunch is, he’s gonna smile and send them your way.
  3. The budgets will be transparent. We have templates to help you make the plans, but since we want the whole community to benefit from the experience of each host, we’ll be making those real-life budgets available to the other hosts to learn from.
  4. There will be a minimum number of tickets that need to be sold 1 month in advance (Kickstarter tickets) in order for Habitry, Co. to commit to travel and staffing. This number is dependent on the budget and will be worked out 1 month in advance of that determination date.
  5. You will get to attend for free!
  6. You will get to offer scholarships! Since we run these events as non-profits, our priority is on getting costs covered, then getting as many people to come for lower prices as we can and you'll be in the driver's seat on where those scholarships go and how they're distributed. 
    • Hosts get 1 scholarship ticket for every 15 tickets sold. So if your event sells 30 tickets you would have 2 free tickets to use.
    • After costs are covered and the event nears, then Habitry, Co. and the host will confer to choose who else needs sponsorship.

Apply to Organize a Motivate Summit

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