Motivate Weekend Edinburgh

A full weekend of Motivation, Habits, and answers to the question, "How can we help our clients in the 167 hours a week they're not with us."

Fri, Jan 22, 2016:  "Science of Showing Up" Pre-Summit Workshop
Sat, Jan 23, 2016: "The Motivate Summit" The Only Behavior Change Unconference


Friday January 22nd, 2016
Anytime Liesure, 21 Cliftonhall Rd, Newbridge EH28 8PW


Coach Stevo's introduction to the background and science of behavior change is a perfect primer on creating a culture of change for those interested in having a deeper impact on the lives of their clients. 15 lucky attendees will learn:

  • 8 Myths of Motivation and why what you think you know might actually be de-motivating your clients.
  • The Dual-Process Model of Habit-Formation:  "how habits are formed and the subconscious impact of environment on behavior."
  • Self-Determination Theory: "why people do what they do."
  • Ego-Depletion: "Why willpower is limited and how to increase the supply."
  • Social Cognitive Theory: The most cited theory in Social Science and how you can use it to not only impact your clients' lives, but increase referrals, retention, and results.

£99 Fri, Jan 22, 2016:  "Science of Showing Up" Pre-Summit Workshop (only 15 spots)

The Motivate Summit

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016
Anytime Liesure, 21 Cliftonhall Rd, Newbridge EH28 8PW


What is a Kickstarter Ticket?

A Motivate Summit doesn’t happen unless we pre-sell a minimum number of tickets. The minimum number of tickets is determined by costs of organizing the event, like local venue costs, event materials, and travel costs for organizers like Coach Stevo. For Motivate Edinburgh on Saturday, we need to sell 25 Kickstarter Tickets in order for the event to happen. So buy a Saturday Summit ticket now and tell your friends to buy theirs!


  • If you plan ahead with a Kickstarter Ticket, you save money. Kickstarter Tickets are 35% cheaper than what everyone who buys late will pay. The first 25 people pay £99 and General Admission is £149.
  • As an added bonus, we will host a special cocktail party Friday evening exclusively for Kickstater Ticket Holders. And the first round is on us!

That's right! We'll buy you booze!

How can we help our clients in the 167 hours a week they're not with us?

Why is change so hard?

Why don’t some clients take our advice or appreciate our expertise? How come some people struggle so hard to do the things they’ve said they want to do? And how can we help clients make changes that should be easy but are always being deprioritized?

Personal trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists, doctors, RDs, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and coaches of all types: we are good at what we do. But being the best in the world for an hour a week still leaves 167 hours that our clients can take our advice, or not. Continue to make progress, or not. Take 1 step forward and 167 steps back. So the question arises:

What about the other 167 hours?

This is an invitation to anyone in the field, professionally or not, with the passion to show up. Because you care about helping people. You have the skills, experiences and insights that are essential to make our industry better.

  • Bring your ideas. 

  • Bring your questions. 

  • Bring your passion, your experience and your appetite for change. 

  • Let’s make this world better than how we found it.

This will potentially be the fifth Motivate Summit. Again we’ll use the proven unconference format that has generated such insights for coaches before. 

£99 Sat, Jan 23, 2016: "The Motivate Summit" (First 25 "Kickstarter Tickets")