The Only Summit of its Kind

No agenda. No gurus talking at beginners. No pitches. Just an open invitation for the people with a problem to talk about how to solve it.

It's a whole Summit created to capture the awesome conversations that happen in the hotel lobbies and bars during those other conferences.

The Motivate Summits are not Summits for everybody. They're a call to action for the people in this industry with the passion and expertise to change it by tackling the hard problems no one else is talking about.



In 2014, Coach Stevo was tired of the conversations that dominated every fitness conference. Only 2% of people hire coaches. And even when they do, the number one reason they site is "for motivation." So where was the conference about that? Where was the conference about the other 167 hours a week our clients aren't with us? So Coach Stevo called all his friends and asked them to join him in Salt Lake City, Utah for a different kind of conference. An UNconference. One that was dedicated to the conversations no one else was having. 41 people showed up on September 27th, 2014 and a community was formed. A mission was crafted. That community has grown to be 10x since it first began, but the mission is the same: To change the conversation in an industry.




What to Expect From a motivate Summit